Computer Repairs

Computer desktop repairs and internal component upgrades

Computer Repairs

Desktop Computers

Desktop computers are generally reliable but can suffer a number of hardware or software failures that we are quick to diagnose.

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Window Software

Microsoft Windows software can generally go corrupt from faulty hardware, power outages or even Windows updates.

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All in One Computers

All in One computers make for a neat setup and when they have issues we are experts at opening them up and changing parts.

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Hard Drives (HDD)

Hard Disk Drives can fail at any time and the data can be at risk. If you notice your computer is slow then test the HDD.

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Solid State Drives (SSD)

Solid state drives store data like hard drives do but work much faster. We can install one in your system for much faster speeds.

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Power Supplies

If your computer won’t turn on or even has a burning smell then it his possible that the power supply unit needs to be replaced.

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Memory (RAM)

Problems occurring from Random Access Memory (RAM) issues can included unwanted restarts and system crashes.

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Processors (CPU)

The central processing unit (CPU) is and extremely reliable component but we can stress test it to ensure it is running properly.

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Digital Business Solutions

More than just device repairs. We offer business services!

We are here to repair devices for individuals but we also offer a range of services to improve business productivity and profits.  Ask us today about our results driven digital marketing packages, hassle-free hosted IT services or money saving office phone systems.

  • SEO and Google Ads packages that bring in more leads.
  • Hosted IT solutions that allow you to focus on your business.
  • Phone systems with more features and lower running costs.
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